Friday, January 11, 2013

Potential Breakup Blog

This may be odd because on the same page you can view the 'Wont Ever Forget Moments' posted on July last year. 
Ironically as of January 11 2013, imma gonna post something that would make you laugh. Trust me. 

About a week ago, my year and a half relationship to the guy I was told myself would be a father to my future adorable children ended (this post reference). I accepted this fact you don't need to hand me tissues tho. This guy became my advice giver, my confidante, my biggest critic, and my biggest supporter. Almost all movie I saw in the last year, I saw with him. He was my dinner date and an ear I could turn to. Above all, he always be there to help me. Through the good and the bad times, he became my best friend. 

Would you ever get back together with your ex? Are you over him?

Thank you for such questions. 
In reality when time passes, if we get back together with our ex, it would be like having a relationship between two different people. In certain things, I’ve might changed, and I’m sure he has too. 
Am I over him? Happened a week ago what you expect? 
Am I over the memory of what I had with him? It is a no.
So yeah, I am really positive to the fact that this is the best for me and him. 

I know I’m not alone here. We all have been in love and lost love.