Thursday, February 21, 2013



So it is early in the morning time, Thursday 4.00 am and I didnt actually plan to post right now because it supposedly the time for me to zzz. Anyway, since I already here I am gonna write something to do with love (wait dont you eww me yet!) since we are still on the month of love. 

I am a type of person who considering February as the month of love rather than Valentines Day 
because yeah there are people giving roses to their women everywhere 
and romantic movies are playing on TV for this month haha. 

This month is officially my personal month of love as well <3

SO, for this Falling in Love February
I am actually do think everyone everyyyyone including me should replace words like 'hate' with love! 
I mean yeah why not. 
When I walk to class and random people (guys or girls) randomly smile at me 
well actually could made my day and I think it is a simplest way to spread love!

I also strongly believe that love could actually make us happy of course 
and that positive energy will attract good things in our daily life. 
Don't you just hope someone would be there with you at your utmost bad time 
so that you could share things that screwed up your day? 
Without love, will that person who could be your friend or your mom be there listen to you?

So before I could spread love or give love, 
I think I should allow myself to falling deeply in love with who I am
With the life I live. 

Why do this? 
Because by loving yourself you are opening yourself up to receive more outside love than you are even prepared for! 

My 'falling deeply in love with myself' doesnt mean that for you to extend less love to others. 
Give love to people around us is crucial if we want to be loved. 
(I cannot even imagine life on this Earth without mother love! 
I hope Emak doing good while performing her Umrah right now).  
I think how humans (whether living with love or hate) is the one that draws the atmosphere of this world.

I've begin to realize that thru my acceptance of life's imperfections, it's important to dedicate some energy to a positive self relationship each day as it is to ermm extend energy to relationships 
with family members and friends. 
In the end, we would benefit from being able to 
receive the same love for the SELF 
as we receive from others.

So, that is all from me right now since I should go to sleep hours ago..
..and for the fact that get enough sleep is one of the way to love yourself hehe.
Goodbye, Assalamualaikum :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fast and Furious Six!

Le very express update..

I've watched all five of em and this one is going to be AWESOME!!!
Cant wait cant wait cant wait!