Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's face the uncool part of every semester - Finals.

So its either good or bad, dean or out of dean list, now or say hello again to the same paper next sem. You choose. I choose for good, dean and now. Naaah, I'm sure everyone want the same thing too ! Little reminder for myself: "Pray hard Syikin! Ask Him anything you want, He will always listen to you. PLAY LESS AND STUDY MORE!" 

Monday, August 15, 2011

They said I'm a player because I fell in love so many times

..yes, that's the thruth but I fall in love with the same person everyday.

Our first sahur - and after awhile didn't see each other.

Hey, siapa cakap senang dapat berbuka bersahur sama - sama dia pasal study dalam satu campus yang sama? Sangat tidak okay. Rumah saya dalam campus dan dia dekat luar. Boleh kira dengan jari okay jumpa dia berapa kali dalam masa seminggu.

Selamat meneruskan ibadah puasa di pertengahan Ramadhan ini dengan penuh kesabaran dan cuaca yang panas dari pagi sampai pagi esoknya. Oh ya, jangan tanya baju raya saya ada berapa pasang dan warna apa.. bukan pasal konon - konon nak bagi surprise masa hari raya ke apa ke tak ada. Baju raya saya pun selalunya biasa biasa jea. Cuma, satu pasang pun tak terbeli lagi sampai sekarang.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa ! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wind, beach and me

This is my fav place to go.. I think I don't have many where-to-go option here. Really. Well, I had never swim at any beach since I was in Penang this year. My favourite spot will always be Miami? Hehe Feringghi in exact. Whenever I go there, I take a breath and my breath comes from the ocean. If I look to the ocean, it is not just water that I see.. but it is about livings which couldn't reach by our eyes. The greatest canyon is beneath the ocean. All the beautiful creatures is inside there but we harm them each and everyday.. Have you ever wonder why the sea level is increasing ? Why our land gets flooded if rain only once in a while? Iceberg around world is melting - we human changed this. Errgh why are we so kejam?

My idea of peacefulness - beaches.

Now, do you really think that people always go to beach to swim? No. Sometimes they go fer durians. Thats normal here when musim durian is on. But Nidzam choosed beach as place to propose a girl. Sorry Nidzam and wifey, I was there and if I have a camera at that moment, this blog already flooded with awesome pictures! Harhar.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Braids braids fishtail braids

I want this playful yet lovely hairdo ! Like, I'm getting bored of long straight, layered and thick hair. With my hair length, I don't know whether it's long enough to get a nice outcome.

See, it looks sho sho lovely on her !

Another favourite - likes.