Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Must Watch List

I think 2012 was a spectacle year of entertainment for movie goers. 
Honestly I missed lotsa movies in 2012 tho. Lets hope it's not going to happen in 2013.


The Avengers was fine, not great. 
The Hobbit, my final movie in 2012 and that was awesome. 

It is never too early to get excited about movies that haven't even confirmed the release date. For movie junkies like myself 2013 looks mouth-watering with new offerings and anddd of course sequels :) 

I can watch those movies but for must watch? Naah.

Thor - The Dark World
I cant decide whether to put Thor, Man of Steel or Iron Man 3 
as the first must watch movie. Haha! Silly I am. 
Well I have a big expectation for Thor. I just love the first one. Avengers turned out to be just okay. I hope this one end up to be the best. :D

Man of Steel
Several reasons it is hard not to be excited to watch this movie. 
First; Christopher Nolan involved with this movie. 
Second; HELLO, after so long it is the return of Superman to the big screen okay! 
And the third; Henry Cavill is the one in the blue tights :P 
(who could ever forget his *cough*body*cough* in Immortal anyway?)

Iron Man 3
Big expectations to this movie man. 
I have a feeling Iron Man's balance of action and humor will mix with urmm sadness for the third one? Well this is just my initial opinion after watching the trailer of course. 


Psst: all these movies are randomly listed by me. Have fun scrolling :) 

4. A Good Day To Die Hard
Well I told myself I must watch this when I saw the trailer in cinema few days back. Thanks for their symphony on the trailer that gave me some kind of goosebumps. 
Oh and it will be out on Valentines Day
I hope it will turn out to be interesting as the date release.

5. World War Z
I couldn't recall the last Brad Pitt's movie that I watched. 
Oh well, thanks again to the trailer music that Hans Zimmer - ish that made me think that it will be a good movie. 
I always think that movies with good soundtracks potentially a great movie. 

6. Wolverine
Swear those are my impressions when I first heard about the plot. 
It is good to watch Hugh Jackman on big screen again. :)

7. Hunger Games - Catching Fire
While today Alicia Key's song keeps reminding me of Jennifer Lawrence (and that is rather disturbing) I have a feeling (again about feeling) that 
this will not goin to be a huge global hit as the first one. YOU CAN TRUST ME ON THIS.
Dont asking me about proves or facts about movies selling or whatsoevs.. 
Sometimes, I just know things. *wink*

8. Oblivion
I would love to watch this movie. 
After watching Jack Reacher few days back I want to see Tom Cruise more. His character in this movie will be Jack as well. It doesnt matter. What matter to me is it was directed by the director of TRON. 
Now you understand my why I would love to watch this? 

9. Fast Six
I am not sure about the date Fast Six goin be release. 
I hope it wont be in 2014, it will rather be too long to wait for this crash-kaboom-bamm highly rated racing franchise. 

10. Hansel and Gretel
Well the last time I check my childhood's Hensel and Gretel wasn't like the one I watched on the trailer. Except the fact it is about brother and sister. 
It would be a cool movie I know. I just know things remember? Haha.

11. G.I Joe 2
Imma gonna watch this. Casting by a great lines, good trailer and, not a fan.

12. Pacific Rim
I dont know about other ppl but I think this would be some kind of the same
Transformer + Battleship destructive robots battle and I'm on it! 
It is also said to be among best blockbusters for the year 2013. 
And I am pretty confident it will be.

13. Star Trek
I am not a fan of Star Trek. I cant even sure whether I really had never watched any of Star Trek before. LOL. I think it is worth to watch movie.

That's all I could think of.
I knowww there are some more movies I want to watch 
but I cant remember what are they yeeesh! -.-'  

Lets start saving some money as of now. 

If you really know me, I dont mind spending some money to watch good movies. 
I dont even mind to watch movie alone as how I did when I was single.
Well I am now. Lalala.  

I hope everyone doing fine out there with their love ones. Seriously I am 100% - ly sure that no one is gonna read my blog anymore as people are on 140 characters per post now. I am, too. It's cool. I can write anything want on my blog compared to years back where I posted something at night and on the next day my friend gonna ask me about it. That was in secondary. Long ago.