Thursday, January 17, 2013

Upside Down

Watched this movie 2 days back. Skipped a class and watch a movie with Dija :)
I love the originality concepts, effects and imagery. These are the only things that made the movie worth of watching. At the beginning of the movie you might wow-ed by the shots of places 
but ermm TBW, the movie grow pretty annoying at the end of it. Haha.

The movie is about two lovers Adam and Eden separated by opposite worlds. 
Their planets just happens to exist directly above one another.
Okay basically gravity rules are both planets pulled by the gravity of its own planet 
and things that are on the other planet's gravity gonna heat up and eventually burn. 
Stupid part of the movie was; Eden gets pregnant with Adam's baby at the end, so does that mean sperm won't burn? Or the sperm didn't fly? Or even the baby? 

So people will eventually burn when they crossing to other planet, yes. Another stupid part of the movie; in Adam's first visit to Up Top, he burns within an hour. In his 2nd, burns after hours pulak. And the third time, he stayed over for a night??? When was the time they make love lagi tak masuk akal like the movie breaks their own rules!

Was it just me realized that, if  we hanged upside we would have probably get headache or passed out? 
So how could it possible to walking, talking, thinking and in this case making love for hours to a day while being upside down? 

Sorry thought of writing movie preview but it is more of movie spoiler. For once in awhile if you want to watch a romantic why not kan. 
You have been warned with the stupid and inconsistent storyline. You're welcome :)

Starting from 15th Jan 2013, all the guards in campus given a power to fine students if students being caught not dressing as how in 'Sahsiah Rupa Diri Pelajar' rules.
Guess lah if I kena saman I kena bayar berapa banyak?
Colored or in my case highlighted hair - RM50

Last semester I fully blacked my hair tak ada pulak nak ada rules macam ni. 
Kalau tak mesti I tak kisah pun pasal saman saman ni. 
Oh oh I miss my very dark black hair I had last semester la.. My very fav hair moment hehe :P

So from now on ONLY WHEN I AM GOING TO CLASS, I will be wearing my matrix card and do random hair bun trying to keep the highlighted part of my hair unexposed. 
I dont think I need to change what I should wear, my clothes are all appropriate haha.
I am pretty positive about my clothes.

Goodbye :)