Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You and I

You and I know that I always made mistake.
You and I know that something is wrong..
and you and I know it is because of me.
You and I know that I said sorry lotsa times.
You didn't know that for each 'sorry' that I said, I really mean it.
You didn't know that I can't even imagine if there's no more 'us' between you and me.

I hurt myself whenever I hurt your feelings.

I miss you.



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Finals and fever

Okay 3 more papers for my first final examination here. Sadly I am having fever as well. I sangat sangat tak selesa nak study! Buka buku sekejap je I tutup balik then tidur. 

Ini dah the best shot yang nampak paling sihat ni! HAHA

Owh sekarang I tengah countdown to 3rd of Oct and 4th of Oct! 4th of Oct my last paper then I am done with the semester! 
3th of Oct tu my monthsary with my sayang!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lets imagine a world WITHOUT MUSLIMS, shall we?

Without Muslims you wouldn’t have:
Experimental Physics
Crank-shaft, internal combustion engine, valves, pistons
Combination locks
Architectural innovation (pointed arch -European Gothic cathedrals adopted this technique as it made the building much stronger, rose windows, dome buildings, round towers, etc.)
Surgical instruments
Treatment of Cowpox
Fountain pen
Numbering system
Modern Cryptology
3 course meal (soup, meat/fish, fruit/nuts)
Crystal glasses
Gardens used for beauty and meditation instead of for herbs and kitchen.
Mariner’s Compass
Soft drinks
Plastic surgery
Manufacturing of paper and cloth

It was a Muslim who realized that light ENTERS our eyes, unlike the Greeks who thought we EMITTED rays, and so invented a camera from this discovery.
It was a Muslim who first tried to FLY in 852, even though it is the Wright Brothers who have taken the credit.
It was a Muslim by the name of Jabir ibn Hayyan who was known as the founder of modern Chemistry. He transformed alchemy into chemistry. He invented: distillation, purification, oxidation, evaporation, and filtration. He also discovered sulfuric and nitric acid.
It is a Muslim, by the name of Al-Jazari who is known as the father of robotics.
It was a Muslim who was the architect for Henry V’s castle.
It was a Muslim who invented hollow needles to suck cataracts from eyes, a technique still used today.
It was a Muslim who actually discovered inoculation, not Jenner and Pasteur to treat cowpox. The West just brought it over from Turkey
It was Muslims who contributed much to mathematics like Algebra and Trigonometry, which was imported over to Europe 300 years later to Fibonnaci and the rest.
It was Muslims who discovered that the Earth was round 500 years before Galileo did.
The list goes on………..

Just imagine a world without Muslims. Now I think you probably meant, JUST IMAGINE A WORLD WITHOUT TERRORISTS. And then I would agree, the world would definitely be a better place without those pieces of filth. But to hold a whole group responsible for the actions of a few is ignorant and racist. No one would ever expect Christians or White people to be held responsible for the acts of Timothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bombing) or Andreas Brevik (Norway killing), or the gun man that shot Congresswoman Giffords in head, wounded 12 and killed 6 people, and rightly so because they had nothing to do with those incidents! Just like the rest of the 1.5 billion Muslims have nothing to do with this incident.

Credits:  theworldofislam and http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/how-islamic-inventors-changed-the-world-469452.html

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Second Monthversary

Ahmad Nidzam, sorry for the over annoyingly cute. Heart you. - Nurul Asyikin 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Haters and hatred

BigTimeRachel: When I typed in these girls names on google, I saw hurtful comments, that can ruin a person’s life. We should not judge these girls on what magazines say, or what the internet tells us. We know them for their popularity, but we love them for their talent and hearts. When I think of Demi Lovato, I don’t think of a girl who went to rehab, I think of this incredibly brave singer who went through a lot. When I think of Miley Cyrus, I don’t think of a girl who smokes salvia and takes pictures in her bra. I think of this girl who worked hard for what she got and deserves it. When I think of Selena Gomez, I don’t think of a girl who is dating people for publicity. I think of a truly kind hearted person who can sing and act. None of these girls deserve hate they get, in fact, no girl should ever have to feel what these three girls are going through. Most people look at these girls and think of the top row of pictures. I think of the bottom row of how beautiful these girls really are.
I’ve always thought of the bottom ones.

Now playing on blog: Sweet Love by Pia Toscano

it’s a moment that you can’t describe, it’s a feeling that you have inside,
all the pain you hide, all the tears you cried disappear with mr right,
so you start searching for more, because you found what you were looking for,
unbelievable mister wonderful doesn’t even matter anymore,
that it really was a bad time, I couldn’t get you of my mind,
and the normal words that you would say, would forever change the day,
another minute passes me by, but now I want you by my side,
and I know for the first time, that I don’t want to press rewind.

it’s the way your kisses taste, with your hands around my waist.
it’s the little things you do, that make me fall in love with you.
it’s the walk of your fingertips, you complete my birthday wish,
and now every single day, I wanna take the time and say.
you are my sweet love, the sweetest love you are.
you are my sweet love, the sweetest love you are.
my baby.

if you can leave the past behind, I can promise that you'’ll find,
tomorrow is brand new, a dream to come true might appear like mr. right.
a love story from the start, a happy ending for my heart,
he’'s incredible, mr. wonderful, doesn’t even matter anymore.
that it really was a bad time, I couldn’t get you of my mind,
and the normal words that you could say, would forever change the day.
another minute passes me by, but now I want you by my side,
and I know for the first time, that I don’t want to press rewind.

You will find a girl prettier than me, smarter than me and funnier than me

..but you will NEVER find a girl just like me. 

Sorry for the lameness. Both of us annoyingly lame. Especially between each other. 1st of September, we have our own necklace (lame I know. shut up) and we spend a day with our baju Raya (lame again).

We didn't bought our baju Raya together so we didn't have a pair of 'so-sweet-baju-Raya-sama-color' this year. Raya Haji kita beli sama sama jom? Jubah orange terus! Haha. Nak sepadan secocok sangat kann hohoho ;P

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Let's face the uncool part of every semester - Finals.

So its either good or bad, dean or out of dean list, now or say hello again to the same paper next sem. You choose. I choose for good, dean and now. Naaah, I'm sure everyone want the same thing too ! Little reminder for myself: "Pray hard Syikin! Ask Him anything you want, He will always listen to you. PLAY LESS AND STUDY MORE!" 

Monday, August 15, 2011

They said I'm a player because I fell in love so many times

..yes, that's the thruth but I fall in love with the same person everyday.

Our first sahur - and after awhile didn't see each other.

Hey, siapa cakap senang dapat berbuka bersahur sama - sama dia pasal study dalam satu campus yang sama? Sangat tidak okay. Rumah saya dalam campus dan dia dekat luar. Boleh kira dengan jari okay jumpa dia berapa kali dalam masa seminggu.

Selamat meneruskan ibadah puasa di pertengahan Ramadhan ini dengan penuh kesabaran dan cuaca yang panas dari pagi sampai pagi esoknya. Oh ya, jangan tanya baju raya saya ada berapa pasang dan warna apa.. bukan pasal konon - konon nak bagi surprise masa hari raya ke apa ke tak ada. Baju raya saya pun selalunya biasa biasa jea. Cuma, satu pasang pun tak terbeli lagi sampai sekarang.

Selamat menjalani ibadah puasa ! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wind, beach and me

This is my fav place to go.. I think I don't have many where-to-go option here. Really. Well, I had never swim at any beach since I was in Penang this year. My favourite spot will always be Miami? Hehe Feringghi in exact. Whenever I go there, I take a breath and my breath comes from the ocean. If I look to the ocean, it is not just water that I see.. but it is about livings which couldn't reach by our eyes. The greatest canyon is beneath the ocean. All the beautiful creatures is inside there but we harm them each and everyday.. Have you ever wonder why the sea level is increasing ? Why our land gets flooded if rain only once in a while? Iceberg around world is melting - we human changed this. Errgh why are we so kejam?

My idea of peacefulness - beaches.

Now, do you really think that people always go to beach to swim? No. Sometimes they go fer durians. Thats normal here when musim durian is on. But Nidzam choosed beach as place to propose a girl. Sorry Nidzam and wifey, I was there and if I have a camera at that moment, this blog already flooded with awesome pictures! Harhar.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Braids braids fishtail braids

I want this playful yet lovely hairdo ! Like, I'm getting bored of long straight, layered and thick hair. With my hair length, I don't know whether it's long enough to get a nice outcome.

See, it looks sho sho lovely on her !

Another favourite - likes.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey, if nothing last forever..

..would you be my nothing? If only I can give you a chance to see yourself through my eyes and realised how important you are to me. We don't need to tell them what we are. What our heart really feel, how we rock each other's world.. no one could understand. It doesn't really matter.

Ahmad Nidzam, Miami jom?

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Strong is the new beautiful

Hello :)

Someone said, I'd changed. From a totally quiet person at the first time we met until today, I'm not so quiet? Haha. So it is a good change I guess :'D Well I can feel about this 'changes'. I 'leaved' some kind of painfull in KL and really really don't want to bring those things here with me in Penang. But honestly, how could I? Things happened and hurting your heart deeply. I'm not a robot and my heart doesn't made by steel.

Thank you to that someone for helping me get this smile again. =)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just because I'm busy

..doesn't mean that I don't think about you.

Assignments, quizes, tests, classes, meetings = standard university routines.
Not being with you = something abnormal to me.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Warkah untuk my future daughter

I bet you had been grown up as an independent person with a big heart.

Pertama sekali, sorry kalau rumah terlalu penuh dengan adik-beradik awak yang lain. Your father is basically the best man I ever met. Mama dan papa walau macam mana bertelingkah sekalipun everyday, we get 'harmonize' every night. Jadi, salahkan lah papa awak sebab dia memang sangat hot.

Mama nak bila awak keluar nanti, jangan jangan lah bermakeup tebal tebal. Awak tak nak kan lelaki suka awak pasal awak mirip dengan artis pujaan diorang Maya Karin.. dalam Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam tu kan? Haa, kalau shopping bawak mama sekali jangan lupa. Kita ada hobi yang sama. Shopping kasut ke baju ke tak kisah. Cuma berpada-pada dengan duit yang ada.. maksudnya; duit sendiri. Duit yang awak usahakan dengan pekerjaan yang halal. Tak payah tunggu lelaki belanja. Tunjuk kat diorang awak boleh berdiri atas kaki sendiri dan poket sendiri.

Bila awak bershopping, pilih baju yang sesuai dengan usia awak bukan usia adik-adik awak yang lain. Dulu masa mama baya awak kan, mama tak ada la baik sangat tapi tak perlu menonjolkan sesuatu yang patut kita covered and safe tu okay? Awak tak nak nak lelaki suka awak pasal awak mirip dengan cover girl magazine Playboy yang diorang baca diam-diam tu kan? Mama akan suka kalau awak sentiasa bertudung.. sure extra comel =) Zaman mama, orang dok sibuk pakai Hana Tajima. Orang akan nampak 'Hana Tajima' je kalau tengok sekali imbas. Pastu pulak orang pakai kemeja masuk dalam pants. Dari jauh nampak sama je. Tak outstanding kan? So zaman awak tak tau la orang berfashion macam mana tapi tak perlu nak keep on play with fashion alright sayang. 

Kalau awak teringin nak ada boyfriend, mama tak akan halang. Lelaki tu kena handsome macam papa awak, jadi pendorong untuk awak berjaya dunia dan akhirat. Jangan pasal sayang awak ke dia pelajaran awak entah kemana pahala dosa tidak diambil kira. Baik single je. Secara jujurnya, mama tak faham macam mana orang baya awak pada zaman mama bercinta. They treat love like a toy. Don't be one of them.. Love is a gift from Him. If you look around and see your friends happy with their boyfriend, don't be jealous (like mama, sometimes). Someone is on his blessed journey to met you. Just wait for the time Allah had written for both of you okay sayang. When there's a guy flirting you, don't give hopes. When there's a guy said that he loves you, you don't need to push yourself to tell the same thing if your heart doesn't said so.

Mama nak ingatkan, ada macam macam jenis lelaki pada zaman mama. Zaman awak tak tau la. Jaga diri awak tu baik-baik okay. Kita ni istimewa pasal kita ni perempuan. Mama harap awak akan bijak mengambil langkah baik dan buruk. Betul dan salah. Mama pun nak ingatkan, ada macam macam jenis perempuan pada zaman mama. Macam yang mama cakap tadi, perempuan ni istimewa. Salah satunya; bergosip. Mama takkan pukul awak kalau awak dan kawan awak bercerita pasal ketua pengawas sekolah lelaki yang awak dan kawan awak minat tu. Tapi jangan tukarkan gosip kepada finah ye sayang? Pasal mulut ni (terutamanya mulut perempuan) boleh mengakibatkan perpecahan. Jadi, hati-hati menggunakan kurniaan Allah yang bernama - mulut. 

Jika satu hari nanti seorang lelaki datang dekat awak lepas main-main mata lalu mintak nombor phone awak, tak ke awak rasa cara tu easy sangat? Macam senang sangat nak dapat bercinta dengan awak. Senang senang awak kasi nombor mama kat diorang. Biar mama jadikan yang 'easy' tu kepada 'hard' okay? Awak jaga diri awak yang berharga tu sebijak-bijaknya ye sayang? =)

Salam sayang, your mother ♥

Friday, June 3, 2011

How I Love Photography PART 1

by one of my local fav photographer; AnnasEasky

Happy Halloween
Edge of The Earth

Closer by oprisci
Sky Bridge by Nina
Finger of God by Jaroslav Provasnik
#30 by YongJunQin
I'll Make Ya Famous by Roof Topper

Bus Stop by Unknown
Poseidon by Mohammad Alsaad
by Yaroslavna Nozdrina
Marina by Kirill Vorontsov
Dream by Alex Gorshkov
by Sabine Fischer