Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My new semester wish list!

HEY :) 

Classes start 11th of June 2012 which is last Monday BUT .. . I still dekat PJ! 342km away from UITM Penang!

 Actually I decided not to attend first week of classes because I got dentist appointment..tomorrow. So yeah. If attend class pun, akan missed class juga untuk hari rabu dan khamis 
Tambah kerja nak ulang alik Penang - KL. Kan?

 I hope this year gonna be a good semester. 
I hope I hope I hope.. 
 that Allah SWT will always bless my journey
that people who I love and me myself will always be healthy and happy. 
that my relationship with Nidzam will become stronger. =) 
that pointer either naik atau maintain SAHAJA. 
 that no sadness and problems or stupid dramas looking for me. 
that I will practicing well money management. 
that I will be a better person. Insya Allah.
 that I'll continue my ultimate wish for every year resolution: TO LOSE WEIGHT 

Thats all maybe. Goodbye!