Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wont ever forget moments

Tiga hari yang lepas genap setahun I dengan dia.
Lots and lotsa things happened which I wont forget.

1. The first time he said he don't want me to cry anymore.
This happened before I been together with him. 
On that day, I was told that Abah was sick in KL and I just had my second week in Penang if I'm not wrong. 
Time tu dekat McDonald Perda and..
 I still remember what he wore at that time (mehehe). 
Dia bagi tissue dan dia cakap "I tak nak tengok you nangis lagi" 
Time tu ber- I dan you lagi dengan dia :) 

2. The night he told me everything almost everything about him.
Yang ni pun jadi sebelum saya dengan dia together. 
Me and him went out and have some chill night at Hard Rock. 
So me and him had a long looong conversation by Feringghi beach. 
Basically he was the one shared many things since I am the kind of person who's more ermm mysterious? Haha no. 
Lepas dengar semua yang dia cakap, I semakin kenal diri dia. 
I feel so close to him at this moment. 
Don't get me wrong, it was not because I went out with him berdua then I feel close to him but lepas tahu dan kenal dia I dapat rasa apa yang dia rasa selama ni.
"I nak orang kenal I ni macam mana. Nak berkawan ke tak itu terpulang dengan orang tu. Pasal tu I bagi tau you" 

3. The day of all days. 
This is one of the happiest day happened in my life. 
The night was just perfect
He manged to get Transformers 3 tickets for me, all the surprises, he wrote SYIKIN BE MINE on his shirt, he said he love me for the first time at Feringghi Beach, early in the morning until sun rising, oh my god it was just so so lovely. 
At that moment I am very thankful to met him in my life and to have him as part of me
How could I ever forget 3rd of July 2011? 

4. The day I waited for him for half day.
This was not a good day between me and him but still meant alot to me. 
Theres nothing good in waiting for your date half a day made you walk around shopping complex alone.
Last minute before dia nak jumpa I dia dapat call boss dia perlukan dia sangat sangat. 
So ingat tunggu dia sekejap jea then tak apalah. 
But last last lambat sangat dia habis kerja then baru dapat jumpa. 
Why this day matter to me is; I finally realized that he really do important to me as I could waited for him because I never been like this to any guy. 
Kalau orang lain lambat sekejap then there you go, I buat plan lain. 
this time i willing to wait
This is the day i realized he IS important.

Thats all for now. Banyak lagi yang jadi yang I tak boleh lupa. 
If awak baca ni, saya nak awak tahu yang I cherish each and every mement we had. Tak kisahlah keluar or jumpa kat island or dekat kedai makan depan uitm tu sekalipun. Satu tahun saya dengan awak is the best year I ever had.. I don't want to stop counting the years I am with you. InsyaAllah I hope our relationship will last. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My new semester wish list!

HEY :) 

Classes start 11th of June 2012 which is last Monday BUT .. . I still dekat PJ! 342km away from UITM Penang!

 Actually I decided not to attend first week of classes because I got dentist appointment..tomorrow. So yeah. If attend class pun, akan missed class juga untuk hari rabu dan khamis 
Tambah kerja nak ulang alik Penang - KL. Kan?

 I hope this year gonna be a good semester. 
I hope I hope I hope.. 
 that Allah SWT will always bless my journey
that people who I love and me myself will always be healthy and happy. 
that my relationship with Nidzam will become stronger. =) 
that pointer either naik atau maintain SAHAJA. 
 that no sadness and problems or stupid dramas looking for me. 
that I will practicing well money management. 
that I will be a better person. Insya Allah.
 that I'll continue my ultimate wish for every year resolution: TO LOSE WEIGHT 

Thats all maybe. Goodbye!

Monday, May 21, 2012


This post is so soo negative. REALLY REALLY NEGATIVE. I dont need to write about person that hating me so much but well I dont have personal therapist so....

Today is my off day and I rasa sangat sangat peaceful tak dengar suara someone.
Seriously apa apa je dia buat even lalu depan I je pun, dia buat I rasa nak cabut hidung dia eee.
Sebenarnya, I tak ada masalah pun dengan dia. If dia tak buat apa apa buat apa I nak rasa macam ni?
The thing is, he had done many things that made me hate him!
Dia memang pakar dalam mencipta cerita buruk pasal I dan spread to everyone at my workplace.
Depan I, pagi pagi I sampai kerja dia laga laga pipi dengan I panggil I 'adik' lagi!
Nampak tak fake dia?
Dia cerita buruk pasal I kemain hebat lagi. Tapi tak pernah nak cakap depan depan I. What a pussy. 
Datang kerja nak pakai pakai eyeliner, I tak ada hal.
Apple polishing the bosses, I tak kisah.
I tak nak report about this to upper management pasal I dont want to make myself look so high school
Like him. And he is 37!
Boleh tak dia biar I buat kerja I jangan kacau I. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"You're the apple to my pie, you're the straw to my berry"

Sometimes you forgive that person because you sill want them in your life - it is true.
I did a wrong thing too. I shouldn't left you.. But what can I say, I can't control my anger..after I saw 'it'. Forgive me for that.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Part 5

I don't know why but recently I attracted by Kristen Stewart. I just think that she is simple and cool but her looks still wow-ing me. If this is Twitter, I would end this statement with #Confession

Dear Kristen, you're pretty.. Sincerely, me

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The best thing in 2011 ♥

In formal way, the best thing in 2011 is my pointer. But lets not talk about books here shall we? One of the best thing about 2011 is Ahmad Nidzam.

He is my own idea of fairytale. From the first day I met him in Penang until today, there are lotsa things happen for both good and bad way. But I really thankful me and him managed to go thru it. I hope this strong relationship will stay this way ♥

Room 8.04

My room is lovely.. Because I live here, yes? Sometimes I feel so bored in the hostel.. I even play Plant VS Zombies! I know my job is here is to study but..  Tak nak la 24/7 face my books je. Haha. Lazy. I do hope today he will rescue me and kill this boredom ♥