Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do you believe in loving someone forever?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't need to eat makeups

currently at 1:15am with batik at the hostel..alone. well yeeesh my roommate won't awake at this hour, I gotta accept that. short reminder - the next test that waiting for a great shot: ACCOUNTING. when: NEXT MONDAY, 2 Days to go. meaning: I should start looking for a walking tutor! If its YOU, pls do tell me.a tin of coca-cola for each lesson? :) huh I don't wanna say hey hello to this subject next semester and give a sayonara kiss to dean's list.plain true ok!
basically I have class tomorrow at 10 in the morning for listening test which I already done it 2 days ago. unfortunately it is still compulsory for me to attend the class! oh yes, you'll see me tomorrow with a capital of f. haihh. owh I think I should reset the alarm on my phone with new song.mr chester bennington's would be a good one.if u still didn't get it; aihh. I'VE BEEN LATE YESTERDAY.. NO, ABOUT TO BE LATE AND I AM JUST A VERY LUCKY LATE-O-PERSON BECAUSE THEY HAD SEND ME HERE TO A HOSTEL WHICH VERAYYY NEAR TO THOSE CLASSES. 5 minutes with toothbrush, darlie, listerine and I don't need to be worry anymore.. at these moment, I should be thankful this face not need as much as tons of makeup to have my day.hmmmm.

ok thats all.
bye :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ramadan 2010

oh, I guess its already late for Ramadan wishes since we'd been fasting for about half month right? it would be a mistake to let ourselves be distracted by aiming for those benefits rather than fixing our attention on the main goal of Ramadan.its like nourishing and nurturing a plant; if we do it with love and care in the proper way, it will grow healthy and bear fruit insha'Allah.

somehow I hope this could help you to strengthen your fasting. *smile*

Monday, August 23, 2010

23rd Aug 2010

Sometimes, I do wish I can go back to old times.. that is the only way for me to smile again like before huh? But, no matter how much I crave that moment to happened again, it is better to leave past as PAST right? Maybe theres reasons why God want it to be this way. Why He want you to go thru this and that. Why He want you to meet some people today and want you to say goodbye on the next day. Why we still have to face problem even tho we know theres another problem waiting for us. Why we kept wonder; is it Life only for this? Why we easily be forgetful, greedy and ungrateful? Why I feel undiscovered? Why I feel unloved? Why I feel like sorrow shadowing me each and everyday?

Ya Allah, please strengthen my heart to become strong enough to blow this darkness away.