Sunday, May 15, 2011

So what if I am a geek?

I really REALLY can't wait for my lecture to start. Well I should start my 3rd semester of my diploma but last year, (lest recall what happened again) I decided to quit my university because I don't like the course that I'm doing at that time; Banking. I did well fer my finals but it is not the point. I can't do something that I'm not interested to eventho I can do that thing pretty well. Got it? You might think that I'm so mengada-ngada or not thankful for what have been given. I am just His weak servant. Weakest, that is. I have to give my best and to decided to quit university? No regrets.

Look at the back and see what I've been through while my friends doing their second semester, it is priceless experience! Working ain't easy. Deal with stranger, customer service and bla bla bla is challenging. Backbitting, bitching is another taste from hell. Oh by the way, it wasn't from customer nor stranger but the staffs. I don't want to talk about it in detail here. I look past for pains and sorrows.

HM 111 - Diploma Pengurusan Pelancongan
Student Tourism dekat UiTM Lendu punya official T-shirt is in light green. So kita kasi color hijau terang terang! Huwarghh! Tapi UiTM Penang punya aku tak tau. Merah Jambu? Berjambu-jambu pun boleh.. aku suka :P 

Semester 1
Business Mathematics
Intro. to Hospitality Industry
Fundamental of Management
Mandarin / Japanese
Preparatory English
Prinsip-Prinsip Asas Islam

Maybe because I am too excited so yeah haha I put this over here. Looks like there's four subjects I will say hello for the second time. And Mandarin? Ni hao. Wa shi Syikin :) Boleh tahan la kan? Katakanlah YA. Haha!

I hope this year will be good for. Success is what I'm aiming to bring back to Emak and Abah. I'm not saying that I will be areal nerd after this. I really adore Natalie Portman. She was a straight A student in high school,  but the thing that amazed me bout her is she missed her early epic; Star Wars Episode 1 big New York premiere, having to study for those final exams. This, by the way, got her to Harvard! 

I am clearly knows that she's Israeli-American. Using her as one of my personal role model got nothing to do with her background. Let say is she'd been raised by an apes (imagine of Tarzan please) also won't change anything. Because I adore her for what she is today. Got it? Tak faham, nak bangkang apa apa cari saya di facebook. Lol.

Moving on.. After made several epics, she graduated from Harvard with degree in psychology. She avoid herself from trappins of fame by stay far farrr away from hollywood, together with her parents. Haihhh.

So hello buku buku, pen, liquid paper, test ped dan seumpama dengannya, jom kita bergembira! Maksud aku pergi belajar la. Tapi oleh kerana pergi belajar adalah satu kegembiraan untuk aku pasal tu lah ayat aku macam tu. Apa kau ingat aku nak ke Penang untuk bergembira lupa diri kaa? Astaghfirullahalazim, mintak dijauhkan.Good luck untuk diri sendiri! Yeayyy! Tiko tako ya ya ya! *Rio style* (oh tengok tak animation Rio haritu? sempat lagi haha). Ini dah macam excited kembali ke sekolah membawa beg SWAN beroda masa sekolah rendah. "Ayuh kembali ke sekolah, AYUH!" Macam tu kan lagu dia? Kannn? Cis. Mengaku je lah korang tengok iklan beg SWAN kat tv masa sekolah rendah dulu terus teringin ada beg macam tu. HAHA! *cakap kat diri sendiri nampak*

Okey bye.