Friday, April 29, 2011

Movie Review: THOR

It is a good movie.. not a reallyyy great one but you should watch it. Despite Thor is the main character, I love how other characters like his myth-god-friends and Odin shined. The picture I must say; awesome! So if you want to watch in 3D for once in awhile (many of you dont like 3D I know, like me) then you can pick this movie. Oh, sexy shirtless Thor reminded me to WWE stage haha and yah, I just love Natalie Portman. Maybe some of you will get dissapoint with the ending but I was satisfied for the whole movie.. hell yah for free, double satisfied!

One of the 'awwwh' scene :p
Natalie's next must watch movie: Your Highness. Cant wait! Together with James Franco; a hotties in 127 Hours awwh awwh *asal sounded gatal aku ni haha*