Saturday, January 22, 2011

Morning dew

Heyyo :)

I woke up very early today. Don't know what is wrong with my body clock. Usually I only woke up around 8am. But today is 4.45! Yesterday I arrived home at 12 after working fer 14 hours and felt very tired. Thought that I'm gonna be late today. Sekarang saya sudah siap untuk pergi bekerja untuk jam 10. Perghh biar betul aku ni *gosok gosok mata*

I had go through ups and downs this few days. Well I already get used with this kind of moment since I had been doing few kind of job and dealing with many kind of people. Jadi, tidak mengapa. Saya sudah biasa dan InsyaAllah saya boleh handle semua.

Anyway today I hope will be a good day. Do my job well, enjoy it and go back home. Yes, I'm a home girl. *wink wink* Jumpa lagi !