Friday, August 12, 2011

Wind, beach and me

This is my fav place to go.. I think I don't have many where-to-go option here. Really. Well, I had never swim at any beach since I was in Penang this year. My favourite spot will always be Miami? Hehe Feringghi in exact. Whenever I go there, I take a breath and my breath comes from the ocean. If I look to the ocean, it is not just water that I see.. but it is about livings which couldn't reach by our eyes. The greatest canyon is beneath the ocean. All the beautiful creatures is inside there but we harm them each and everyday.. Have you ever wonder why the sea level is increasing ? Why our land gets flooded if rain only once in a while? Iceberg around world is melting - we human changed this. Errgh why are we so kejam?

My idea of peacefulness - beaches.

Now, do you really think that people always go to beach to swim? No. Sometimes they go fer durians. Thats normal here when musim durian is on. But Nidzam choosed beach as place to propose a girl. Sorry Nidzam and wifey, I was there and if I have a camera at that moment, this blog already flooded with awesome pictures! Harhar.