Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't need to eat makeups

currently at 1:15am with batik at the hostel..alone. well yeeesh my roommate won't awake at this hour, I gotta accept that. short reminder - the next test that waiting for a great shot: ACCOUNTING. when: NEXT MONDAY, 2 Days to go. meaning: I should start looking for a walking tutor! If its YOU, pls do tell me.a tin of coca-cola for each lesson? :) huh I don't wanna say hey hello to this subject next semester and give a sayonara kiss to dean's list.plain true ok!
basically I have class tomorrow at 10 in the morning for listening test which I already done it 2 days ago. unfortunately it is still compulsory for me to attend the class! oh yes, you'll see me tomorrow with a capital of f. haihh. owh I think I should reset the alarm on my phone with new song.mr chester bennington's would be a good one.if u still didn't get it; aihh. I'VE BEEN LATE YESTERDAY.. NO, ABOUT TO BE LATE AND I AM JUST A VERY LUCKY LATE-O-PERSON BECAUSE THEY HAD SEND ME HERE TO A HOSTEL WHICH VERAYYY NEAR TO THOSE CLASSES. 5 minutes with toothbrush, darlie, listerine and I don't need to be worry anymore.. at these moment, I should be thankful this face not need as much as tons of makeup to have my day.hmmmm.

ok thats all.
bye :)