Monday, August 23, 2010

23rd Aug 2010

Sometimes, I do wish I can go back to old times.. that is the only way for me to smile again like before huh? But, no matter how much I crave that moment to happened again, it is better to leave past as PAST right? Maybe theres reasons why God want it to be this way. Why He want you to go thru this and that. Why He want you to meet some people today and want you to say goodbye on the next day. Why we still have to face problem even tho we know theres another problem waiting for us. Why we kept wonder; is it Life only for this? Why we easily be forgetful, greedy and ungrateful? Why I feel undiscovered? Why I feel unloved? Why I feel like sorrow shadowing me each and everyday?

Ya Allah, please strengthen my heart to become strong enough to blow this darkness away.