Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ungrateful me

Recently, I got a great news which I had dream of all this while. I feel full love blessed by everyone.. how lucky I am.
Recently, I saw one of my friend holding her parents hands.. at the same time. Then I started feeling unlucky. I am hoping I get the chance to do the same thing ever again.

I wonder, can I?

For 3 years, and still, my birthday wish remain unchanged. We are closer to Sya'ban and after a month, the blissful month of Ramadan coming. And I guess this coming Ramadan wouldn't be much diff like previous one.

He always said; "If you think you're going thru a very hard life, ttheres always got some people out there who going thru harder life than you. Just don't forget Him and Abah will be always here for you." I'd think about it again and now I realized how ungrateful I was. He's true.. thank you :)

I can cry. I can always cry as much as I can. But until when? You can I easily fall when something bad happened to you. But you are the only one who could help yourself stand up as easy as you fall and keep the tears away.

It was just me or the world is having loss of love in each and everyday? Take a look around. How human treat others because of deep hatred. How forgetful human are at the moment they started get pleasured. If you question bout this and wanna tell me that world isn't so bad, then you're right. I am a human.. too. I am not a good person tho. But there was just too many pain and sin everywhere. You don't have to go so far, take a look around you would do. What do you see right now?

Why people can be so greedy? Why people can change so easily? Theres no one could have everything in life by money. Nothings gonna stand forever - this is what I'd realized right now. There aint no guarantees that you wont lose the smallest pieces of your things which you holding strong at this moment. And when you started lost it, you'll wondering how the 'smallest pieces' can get away from your hands?

Start appreciate everything because sometimes, we tent to forget what we already had when we only lookin for what we wanted.

Just another thoughts :)